Brand positioning for posterity

Brands that will remain unassailable in the coming years are the ones that are already making heavy investments in research and development. The top 3 of the worlds wealthiest people are techy nerds. If this doesn’t tell you much about embracing tech, then your company must be existing in a rock. Brands that will continue counting their profits are tweaking their strategies every so often.

It is pertinent to lay down your strategic plan that will guide your employees to draw their annual objectives with an outlook spanning say three to five years. If you are not clear on this, or if this is a plan you have shelved for ages, don’t hesitate to talk to us. But I couldn’t emphasise strongly how important this is. It is the roadmap that defines your existence and lets the world know how you can solve their pain points, or better still provide their pleasure points.

You would certainly not need a future teller, to decipher that brands like Google have made the invaluable investment into their future and that they are here to stay. Last week I attended their Digital skills training, organised in partnership with Gulf African Bank. Majority were youngsters, who went full throttle in giving case studies of their experiences with different digital platforms. It reinforced the knowledge and understanding of some, at the same time equipping the business owners present, with knowledge on the extra they can do to go the visibility mile.

Google is not only equipping the next generation but constantly innovating tools that will bring brands closer to their market.

Which brings us to our point to ponder this week 

What is your brand doing to harness the opportunities available to get you closer to your customers? Are you innovating? Are you researching the ever-growing needs and interests of your customers? Do you know they are already bombarded by too much content and are chocking at a plethora of offers and options? How will you continue to keep your brand afloat in this turbulent digital landscape?


Doing things the same old way, year after year is the primary step in setting up for failure. Innovation is a must for your company. Read, research and keep close the analytics of how your customers are interacting with your brand. Tweak accordingly and discontinue any efforts that are not yielding fruit.

Take risks

Don’t be afraid of taking risks, you might falter but a multitude of lessons abound in such efforts.

Listen to your customers more

Act on feedback and complains that customers give you and seek continuous improvement. You can automate your services to enhance customer service and experience with your brand.


What’s your take?  Share with us what has worked for you.


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