Belt up drive through the maze successfully with these PR tips

It is that time of the year where we belt up ready to drive through the maze of market offerings available to be tapped.

As a CEO or Communications Manager, you have probably set out your goals and are optimistic that unlike the previous years, you will experience phenomenal growth of your brand and as we all desire, increase your bottom-line.

Is goal-setting enough? Have you thought of breaking them down further into tangible outputs? And does your team have clarity on the goals? Perhaps failure to do this is the reason you have stagnated over the past 3 years.

You make grimace as you sit down to crack your head on a plan that would be successful and reflect the growth of your bottom-line.

Here are some three tips you can incorporate into your planning:

Redefine your goals and objectives.

Redefine your goals and ensure your employees or colleagues are furnished with the new set of objectives and that they understand them. If they cannot envision the bigger picture they will continue working towards destination zero.

A goal can be ‘to be the best tours and travel company in Africa that offers unforgettable experiences at the best value.’ This must be broken down into objectives. A communications objective can be ‘to secure publication in the three top African business magazines by December 2018 to create visibility of XY tours and travel thus leading to more subscriptions.’

Ensure your goals cover the reasoning, benefits and measurement.

Engage your audience

After audience mapping, endeavour to constantly speak to your customers. Master their shifting consumption patterns, monitor their interests and engage them in surveys on product development. When doing surveys, do not bombard them with paperwork, but creatively engage them in a conversation having in mind the top  three questions you want to discuss with them weaved into the conversation.

Draw a clear strategy and result-oriented implementation plan

Once you are clear with what the customer needs, not what you think they need, draw an activity plan that should include delivery timelines. Each quarter, review activities against objectives and tweak them according to the present realities. Lack of flexibility is one of the routes to failure.

Please share what other strategies have worked for you.


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