Be ahead of the curve by maximising feedback in these 3 ways

‘We are elated and impressed by your work and we are proud of ourselves to have chosen you to journey with us. We no longer hold meetings to ponder and re-strategise about our plummeting sales, and high employee turnover following our implementation of your recommendations to our strategic plan. It is obvious that you are indeed great at your services.’

Isn’t that what every business owner, board chair or senior company executive would like to hear? By all means YES! Perhaps you have gotten such feedback and you are all so smug about the whole idea gloating over drinks to your friends. But, did you know you can use this as a bait for more clientele and be ahead of the curve?

Here are some of the ways:

Inclusion in your Marketing collateral

You can include two or three such quotes in your company brochure. These would attract clients organically during their interaction with your branding merchandise at a point of sale, or during your exhibition in external events. Clients obtained organically are always enticed by success stories.

Mentions in your newsletter

Include some of these comments in your monthly newsletter, and this will act as reminder marketing to your 5000 plus members, thus reinforcing you as a market leader in your trade.

Social media

Introduce a day or time in the week where all you share is something like ‘what they say about us.’ Design a good photo quote of this.

Please share with us in our comments section other ways you think such feedback can be maximised.

Point to note is that you need to seek approval from your client before you use their feedback for any further gains.






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