Marketing in tough economic times

On the other hand, companies whose services are not on the frontline, have established or still are in the process of establishing their new normal. No doubt, departments have been putting their heads together to establish their delivery model. Boards of Directors have been overworking. New strategies are being chartered, others deprioritised, and trial and error is the new gear to engage in driving the companies’ direction. While in departments like marketing and sales, pushing sales is continually a mirage, the finance team is realising the numbers are not adding up while the HR is dreading to draft the dreary emails explaining the bleak future for weeks on end. The situation is dire as your workers are members of families which might be suffering the competition with company time for example through home-schooling while working.

With the current information age, advancement in tech and innovation, millions of companies across the world are equipped to be able to work remotely. Medical professionals are all hands to the pumps, managing a tsunami of patients.

Your company could be in a quagmire similar to this. How can you continue to reach out to your customers?

There are some PR tips you can employ to continue being on top of the game as opposed to being a sitting duck.

  • Welfare of your employees

Genuinely show care and concern for your employees, they are your greatest ambassadors. Give them flexible working hours are they balance between office work and homeschooling or nursing young babies.

  • Welfare of your community

Repurpose your company’s CSR budget towards the fight against the pandemic. Your generosity will be etched in the minds of your customers and it will come in handy in the long-run.

  • Welfare of your customers

Have a favourable price list for your products, ease the burden of your customers accordingly. You can revisit your leasing agreements for example by reducing by a percentage of payments for a couple of months. You can also reduce the pricing of your products or add incentives like free delivery.

  • Consider services to meet pandemic needs.

Globally, we have seen car manufacturers are shifting their efforts to start manufacturing ventilators and others facemasks after governments called for help in managing the pandemic. You can donate such supplies or sell them at reasonable prices.

  • Align your messages to current reality

For those in influential roles like politicians, it is not the time for mudslinging your political rivals. Your constituents’ need you to show leadership in matters that matter to them. For example are you providing them sanitisers or hand washing facilities? In these uncertain times they care less about the political landscape and they need support to contain the pandemic.

  • Automate

Automate as much as possible. If you have a general enquiries email and you currently cannot handle the scale of the enquiries you can send automated messages redirecting the customers to particular actions. As you do this for your enquiries email, mirror the same in your social media channels like Facebook and twitter.  Automate and redirect but do not ignore.

  • Re-strategise your outreach

If you used to employ strategies like cold-calling, you need to re-look into genius ways of how to go about this. Given that people are working from home and most probably are dealing with a lot including childcare and health burdens, the least they want is bombardment by a sales pitch.

As Robert H. Schuller aptly put it, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” These tough people are the key contributors to either loss or profitability of companies. So making it or breaking it, is your responsibility.