How to achieve and maintain brand leadership

Choice, as simple as it sounds, can be nerve-wracking. Making choices especially when it comes to shopping can be daunting. Shopping malls, to open-air markets, to clothing stalls, to beauty salons are all embellished and full or flair promising heaven and oftentimes delivering hell.

Shopping malls in Dubai

In supermarkets, aisle after aisle, shelves are lined up with audacious salesmen and women chattering their brand superiority. This can be daunting to the ever-growing fickle consumer who wants an effortless transaction process. Instant as if magic is becoming more attractive, and disrupting those that still swear by status quo. The big question is how can one build brand loyalty given the circumstances?

Know your product inside out

It is embarrassing to have wobblers swinging your logo and taglines in well organised supermarket aisles, yet your talking heads are stuttering with every question of interest a potential customer prods. Great organisations demonstrate leadership through their employees. Invest in training and development and you will avoid unnecessary losses.

Create ease for your customers

In the 1990s our parents would effortlessly go to the supermarket or send their little ones to go pick powder soap, bar soap, bathing soap, oil or flour, brand notwithstanding. This would easily be timed as it was a grab, pay and go process. Almost three decades later, you tap and within minutes it is delivered on your doorstep. Few if any parent would consider sending their children for such purchases. This is because the time for delivery might be longer as they will go fiddling with their gadgets.  Adverts would occasionally pop up and likely influence their choice, which would give the parents unnecessary headaches. As a brand think creatively of ways to ease the shopping process of your customers. This can be through deliveries.