No pity, only opportunity for the differently-abled

I have been learning a lot about inclusion in recent months. Following the disability summit co-hosted by Kenya and the UK earlier in the year, in addition to a series of workshops I have been attending on inclusion, it is rather obvious that a lot needs to be done to ensure equal participation for all, in Kenya today.

Companies that are looking to wade through the competitive mucky waters of the business environment, must be diverse and accommodative. Many companies would proudly underscore in their job adverts that they are equal opportunity employers, yet when an interviewee turns up with a sign language interpreter, for example, they become less accommodative. The non-verbal communications speaking rather too loud to ignore. They are not convinced that the sign language interpreter, in this case, is just but a mouthpiece of the very able interviewee.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an edge for your business. Working with colleagues who are abled differently, helps your brand to have the optics of a market segment you might have overlooked. It enables you to cover a wider market segment, and most of all, customise your services calculatedly as per the need of each segment, hence higher chances of success.

Last month, the Ministry of Devolution and planning in partnership with the Council of Governors launched the County Public Participation guidelines in braille. This shows that Kenya has joined the vanguard of nations that continue to be responsive to the needs of persons with disability.

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