Customer mismanagement a case of Sunshine Hotel

Hotel Sunshine, each time I think of the hotel, my mind runs quickly to the picturesque lush green carpet of tea that Kericho County is known for. This week the hotel has been in the news not for the very rosy of reasons, after a mheshimiwa withdrew her booking following what she termed as embarrassment and violation of her constitutional right.

As it’s known,  bad news spreads like wildfire. No sooner did the legislator share her predicament of discriminately having to produce her marriage certificate, than another woman rep was quick to recount her nasty experience of two years ago. It is reported that the proof of marriage was not asked upon booking, but the hotel demanded of it later in the evening when the couple came back to retire for the evening after dinner outside the hotel.

As an outsider hearing this for the first time, you will be marred with derision which is a PR disaster for the hotel. Below are some pointers to manage customers better and have them sing praises of you, years after serving them. Read more